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Commercial and Residential Canopy

We Virco Glass Ltd. serve Glass Canopy and specialize in transforming your spaces with the elegance of functional glass canopy roofs, providing shelter, and style. It also gives protection from the natural elements like sun, rain, snow, and hail. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning architectural statement or require professional repairs for your existing canopy glass roof, we’ve got you covered.

We give you a glass canopy solution that clears up your mess. Gives you an aesthetic and organized feel of your home or workspace. We provide a solution after inspecting your area of space. Which suits you—sliding doors or hinged doors for your canopy? After examining the area, we give you a variety of solutions for your problem.

Glass Canopy


  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Innovative Design Functionality
  • Tailored to Your Style with Perfection

Types of Glass Canopy

Here are some common types of glass canopy roofs which we offer:

Single-Pitched Glass Canopy 
Retractable Glass Canopy
Mansard Glass Canopy
Pyramid Glass Canopy

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